2017 CBI Retreat

  • Pie eating contest

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Thanks to CBI and BMB for sponsoring, especially CBI faculty Meg Stratton and Eric Strieter for organizing a fun and informative retreat on May 23rd at the UMass Worcester campus. Special thanks to UMass Amherst Prof. Jeanne Hardy for presenting the keynote address, and to the poster judges for evaluating the posters. Congratulations to Ben Adams (Hebert lab) and Kingshuk Dutta (Thai lab) for winning the poster prizes! Begrudging respect goes to Brian Kelch (UMMS) for winning the pie eating contest this year!

Session I

Stanley Hsieh – Newly minted PhD, Rando Lab “Three-dimensional folding of eukaryotic genomes”

Eugenia Clerico – Research Assistant Prof., Gierasch Lab “The allosteric energy landscape of an Hsp70 Molecular chaperone from ion mobility native mass spectrometry and double electron-electron resonance”

Tania Silvas – Graduate Student, Schiffer Lab “Structural basis for substrate specificity of APOBEC3A cytidine deaminase”

Libbie Haglin – Graduate student, Thompson Lab “Hijacking His tags to assemble functional chemoreceptor nanoarrays”

Keynote Address: Prof. Jeanne Hardy (UMass, Amherst)

“A battle to the death: Caspases and Kinases in a death grip”

Poster Session I


Pie Eating Contest

Session II

Rilee Zeinert – Graduate student, Chien lab “The role of the Lon protease in bacteria stress responses”

Kevin Halloran – Graduate Student, Matthews Lab “Protein folding: a complex problem with a ‘BASIC’ answer”

Sean Crowe – Graduate student, Strieter Lab “Isolation and characterization of Ubiquitin Chains by Ubiquitin Chain Enrichment Middle-Down Mass Spectrometry (UbiChEM-MS)”

Andrew Simon – Graduate Student, Caruthers Lab “Sugar transport complexity: multiple cellular behaviors or a singular cell behavior?”

Poster Session II

CryoEM tours (Dr. Chen Xu)

Awards Ceremony for Poster Prizes