2019 CBI Retreat

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Thanks to CBI and BMB for sponsoring, especially CBI faculty Sibongile Mafu and Eric Strieter for organizing a fun and informative retreat on June 7th at the UMass Worcester campus. Special thanks to UMass Amherst Prof. Peter Chien for presenting the keynote address! Congratulations to poster award winners Lin Hui Chang (Strieter lab) and Francesca Anson (Hardy lab).

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Session 1

Poster Session 1


Pie Eating Contest!

Keynote Address

Session 2

Poster Session 2



Peter Chien, Ph.D., UMass Amherst, “Energy dependent bacterial proteases in stress responses and growth”

Session 1:

Julia Flynn, Bolon Lab, UMass Medical School, “Environmental dependencies on experimental fitness landscapes of Hsp90”

Cameron Butova, Garman Lab, UMass Amherst, “A monomeric variant of human alpha-galactosidase with wild-type activity”

Heather Loring, Thompson Lab, UMass Medical School, “Insights into SARM1’s Kinetic and Catalytic Mechanisms”

Jiale Du, Streiter Lab, UMass Amherst, “Interrogating the Selectivity of Proteasome Associated Deubiquitinase UCH37”

Session 2:

Minsoo Kim, Vierling Lab, UMass Amherst, “Connection between mitochondrial nucleoids and the ER”

Sabriya Syed, Imbalzano Lab, UMass Medical School, “Arginine methyl transferase Prmt5 is a co-activator and novel mediator of higher order chromatin structure”

Roman Sloutsky, Stratton Lab, UMass Amherst, “The variable linker region in hippocampal CaMKII isoforms plays a conditional role in activation”

Christine Carbone, Korostelev Lab, UMass Medical School, “Translation Quality Control: How ArfB rescues ribosomes with unstable mRNA”