CBI Trainees

The following list shows the large number and diverse backgrounds of students who have joined CBI, to complete the curriculum and reap the benefits of the program. For more information on each, click on their names to go to their LinkedIn pages. Some of these students (Funded Trainees) have been awarded CBI traineeships funded by the NIH or by matching funds from UMass. See Alumni with LinkedIn links to see the career outcomes of our many alumni.


Ahsan Ali, You Group

Jessica Allen, Thompson Group

Blaise Arden, Vachet Group

Mohammad Amin Abek Azerbaijani, Martin Group

Sandor Babik, Strieter Group

Yousef Bagheri, You Group

Priyanka Basak, Maroney Group

Ruptanu Banerjee, Martin Group

Elvan Cavac, Martin Group

Jeffrey Cullen, Farkas Group

Jeerapat Doungchawee, Vachet Group

Jiale Du, Strieter Group

Kingshuk Dutta, Thayumanavan Group

Joseph Hardie, Farkas/Rotello Group

Rehab Heikal, Strieter Group

Cristina-Maria Hirschbiegel, Rotello Group

Fangying Huang, Strieter Group

Uyen “Jenny” Huynh, Thai Group

Bishnu Prasad Joshi, Farkas Group

Pintu Kanjilal, Thai Group

Fanjun Li, Min Chen Group

Patanachai Kong Limpikirati, Vachet Group

Hui-Hsien Lin, Farkas Group

David Luther, Rotello Group

Kithmie MalagodaPathirinage, Martin Group

Arash Manafirad, Thai and Dinsmore Groups

Michael Mingroni, Knapp Group

Stacey Nash, Vachet Group

Erik Nordquist, Min Chen Group

Uma Nudurupati, Muthukumar Group

Xiao Pan, Vachet Group

Bach Pham, Min Chen Group

Emmanuel Rivera Iglesias, Farkas Group

L.D. Sujeewa Sampath, Farkas Group

Kristen Sikora, Vachet Group

Andrew Smith, Hardy Group

Ishankumar Soni, Hardy Group

Zhining Sun, You Group

Qian Tian, You Group

Catherine Tremblay, Vachet Group

Katie Wahlbeck, Thompson Group

Rigumula Wu, You Group

Mahdieh Yazdani, Jianhan Chen Group

Qikun Yu, You Group

Ru Zheng, You Group


Benjamin Adams, Hebert Group

Aldikacti, Berent, Chien Group

Efecan Aral, Garman Group

Christine Battle, Chien Group

Heather Bisbee, Strieter Group

Mine Canakci, Thai Group

Nathan Canniff, Hebert Group

Noelle Dziedzic, Stratton Group

Joshua Foster, Min Chen Group

Alam Garcia-Heredia, Siegrist Group

Yingying Geng, Rotello Group

Rebecca Gordon, Siegrist Group

Kevin Guay, Hebert Group

Di Huang, Garman Group

Kiserian Jackson, Siegrist Group

Pamelia Lim, Rotello Group

Samar Mahmoud, Chien Group

Javier Mas, Farkas Group

Viet Chi “Bao” Nguyen, Stratton Group

Can Ozen, Stratton Group

Carolina Santamaria, Siegrist Group

Thomas Sawyer, Garman Group

Spencer Shorkey, Min Chen Group

Nidhi Thaker, Stratton Group

Thomas Tran, Thompson Group

Ana Pamela Torres Ocampo, Stratton Group


Yahaira Bermudez, Siegrist Group

Emily Melzer, Siegrist Group

Malavika Prithviraj, Yasu Group


Brandon Barajas, Schiffman Group

Carey Dougan, Peyton Group

Mengfei Huang, Schiffman Group

Adrian Lorenzana, Peyton Group

Prerana Rathore, Schiffman Group

Sarthak Saha, Perry Group

Weiyue Xin, Santore Group

Xianci Zeng, Perry Group