CBI gave me the opportunity to communicate with experts in many disciplines outside of my traditional comfort zone. From this, I’ve learned new ways to approach problems and ask questions using techniques I could not have imagined had I not been a part of this program.

Noelle Dziedzic , Molecular & Cellular Biology

Diverse exposure to alternative ways of approaching scientific problems, enhanced conceptualization of biological concepts through the lens of a chemistry mindset. Greater interaction with other graduate students outside my immediate department enhances general sense of IDGP community. 

Joshua Foster, Molecular & Cellular Biology

CBI offers me opportunities to discuss my research project with students and professors from many different departments. The different perspectives, questions, and insight challenge me to be an innovative and well-rounded scientist.

Carey Dougan, Chemical Engineering

Continuous exposure to interdisciplinary research through CBI has broadened the community from which I can draw upon in exploring new avenues for my research, and has also been generally of great interest.

Spencer Shorkey, Molecular & Cellular Biology

CBI brings together scientists from different backgrounds and pushes your boundaries of knowledge which is great because you get insight from other disciplines. It provides a space for engaging discussion from different points of view. 

Ana P. Torres-Ocampo, Molecular & Cellular Biology

CBI has been great for getting to know students and faculty from other departments and forming a collaborative community.

Emily S. Melzer, Microbiology

CBI is a great program for us to get the access to biology world and to connect with people from industry which is beneficial for our future career.

Mengfei Huang, Chemistry

Great! I came to know very cool people in chemistry that otherwise I was unlikely to have met. A collaboration came by making friends in there. Also, I feel I am closer to chemistry than I was before. Thanks CBI!

Alam Garcia-Heredia , Molecular & Cellular Biology