Trainee selection criteria include past performance (undergraduate institution and GPA), progress in the PhD program (grades and research productivity), and commitment to the CBI Program. Due to the limited number of available traineeships, selection is highly competitive.

CBI Training faculty can nominate CBI Program Members for a Traineeship. There are two types of traineeships: NIH and UMass.

NIH-funded eligibility: Students at the end of their first or second year and are US citizens/permanent residents.

UMass-funded eligibility: Student at the end of their first or second year and are either domestic or international students.

All CBI trainees receive an annual bonus of $1,000. In addition, NIH-funded Trainees have funds allocated for travel grants and payment of student fees.


Applications are generally due by early June. Complete the application below, and submit with the other required files as a single pdf.

  • Student Application for CBI Traineeship. Please download and save to your computer to enable editing.
  • Transcripts: Undergraduate and Graduate
  • One-page summary of your research, emphasizing relevance to the interface between chemistry and biology.
  • Two letters of support should be emailed directly to
    • Nomination letter from sponsoring CBI faculty/advisor
    • A second letter of recommendation from UMass faculty

2021 CBI Traineeship application due May 24th, 2021.

Sovann-Malis Loeung
CBI Program Coordinator

Interested students should join CBI as soon as possible and start following the curriculum. Current CBI Program Members should be sure to submit their annual CBI Member Progress Report by August 15 every year.

Current Trainees