Joining the Program

Program Membership Application

To join the CBI program, you must be a UMass graduate student, typically in one of our CBI-affiliated graduate programs (ChemMCB, Chem EngPSE, or Micro). Then, all you need to do is complete and submit the above application at any time, but the sooner, the better!


The NIH sponsors pre-doctoral training programs in areas of national need. NIH established a program targeting the Chemistry-Biology Interface with the intent of training chemists able to speak freely with biologists and vice versa. This was prompted by the growing importance of this area in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, where such communication is increasingly essential. Since NIH training programs are recognized world wide, membership in the CBI Program demonstrates to future employers, that a student has designed his or her training at UMass to match this national need. 

Other benefits include the potential for traineeships and travel grants, as well as access to CBI resources, such as the projectors and laminator. 



BIOCHM/CHEM 657 (Drug Design
CHEM 797 (Responsible Conduct of Research
CHEM 791 (Student Lunch Seminar) – 2 Semesters
CHEM 797 (Chalk Talk) – at least 4 semesters
Electives from Biological and Chemical Sciences (one from each) 

Program Members will satisfy the degree requirements of their home department/program, but will constitute a thesis committee which reflects the chemistry-biology interface. This is achieved by including a member of the CBI Training Faculty from the chemical side for students in biological degree programs and vice versa.


Students who want to join the program are welcome to apply any time, by submitting the CBI Membership Application to