Chalk Talk Sept 9, 2020 – Jennifer Rauch and Jianhan Chen Labs

Physical Origins of DnaK-substrate binding revealed through Physics-based modeling
Erik Nordquist (J. Chen Lab)

Targeting Tau “The spread and aggregation of the protein tau has been linked to a variety of neurodegenerative diseases, known as tauopathies. Mounting evidence suggests that the spread of tau aggregates may underlie disease phenotype, however the mechanism for this toxicity is still unknown. The Rauch lab uses a variety of cell biology, biochemical, and in vivo techniques to characterize consequences of tau propagation in the central nervous system and to define/target the molecular requirements for tau spread. As the newest faculty to the BMB department, Jenny will give a brief overview of exciting projects that will be starting in her lab this upcoming January.”
Rauch Lab, new incoming BMB Assistant Professor beginning in January 2021.