Chalk Talk

The monthly CBI Chalk Talk is a highlight of the program and brings the community together to learn about cutting edge research. In each half of a Chalk Talk, the faculty advisor introduces the problems being tackled using only “chalk” on the chalk board – this forces a big picture overview, accessible to all. A student from the lab then presents recent research results, again with a focus on broad accessibility. Discussion is highly encouraged and is generally vibrant! After the two Chalk Talks, everyone convenes for a pizza lunch, just outside of the seminar room, for still more discussion of the talks!

Upcoming Chalk Talks

Past Chalk Talks

Chalk Talk May 5, 2021 – CBI Trainees

Force-responsive Materials Utilizing Cryptic Crosslinking Sites
Adrian Lorenzana (Peyton Lab)

Establishing Adhesive Responses of Uropathogenic E. coli to Gels with Various Stiffnesses
Brandon Barajas (Schiffman Lab)

Metabolic Labeling as a Discovery Tool for Cell Wall Recycling
Rebecca Gordon (Siegrist Lab)

Chemical labeling of Mycobacteria for growth monitoring and detection
Kiserian Jackson (Siegrist Lab)

Please see our full dates for Fall 2020-Spring 2o21 and presenting labs here.

Chalk Talk April 7, 2021 – Min Chen & Vince Rotello

Direct Cytosolic Delivery of GFP and the Awesome Power of Nuclear Fluorescence
David Luther (Rotello Lab)

Development of a Multiplex OmpG Biosensor
Josh Foster (M. Chen Lab)

Studying the conformational dynamics of Abl kinase in real time with a nanopore tweezer
Fanjun Li (M. Chen Lab)

Please see our full dates for Fall 2020-Spring 2o21 and presenting labs here.

Chalk Talk March 3, 2021 – Yasu Morita and Dan Hebert

Polyprenol biosynthesis in the maintenance and regulation of mycobacterial membrane domain
Student Speaker -Malavika Prithviraj (Yasu Lab )

Understanding the selectivity of the UGGTs, key quality control sensors and gatekeepers of the mammalian secretory pathway
Student Speaker – Kevin Guay (Hebert Lab)

The identification and characterization of a putative ER adapter protein TTC17
Student Speaker – Nathan Canniff (Hebert Lab)

Please see our full dates for Fall 2020-Spring 2021 and presenting labs here.

Chalk Talk Feb 3, 2021 – Lynmarie Thompson and Richard Vachet

“Investigating E. coli CheA Activation by Chemoreceptors using Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry”
Student Speaker – Thomas Tran (Thompson Lab)

“DNA-Mediated Assembly of Functional Chemoreceptors: Using Structural DNA Nanotechnology to Advance Biophysical Research” Student Speaker – Tiernan Kenneday (Thompson Lab)

“Membrane Protein Structure and Binding Interactions Studied by Mass Spectrometry” Student Speaker – Xiao Pan (Vachet Lab)

Please see our full dates for Fall 2020-Spring 2021 and presenting labs here.

Chalk Talk Dec 2, 2020 – S. Thai Thayumanavan and Patrick Flaherty Labs

Estimating Subclonal Populations from Structured DNA Sequencing Data
Student Speaker – Shai He (Flaherty Lab)

Antibody – Nanoparticle Conjugates for Targeted Delivery of Chemotherapeutics
Student Speaker – Khushboo Singh (Thayumanavan Lab)

Chalk Talk Nov 4, 2020 – Eric Strieter and Mingxu You Labs

A Cryptic Site on the  Proteasome-Associated Deubiquitinase UCH37/UCHL5 is Required for Chain Editing and Degradation
Student Speaker – Jiale Du (Strieter Lab)

“Real-time Monitoring of Transient Lipid-Lipid Interactions in Live Cell Membranes using a DNA Prob
Student Speaker – Yousef Bagheri Zarringhabae (You Lab)

Multiplex Imaging in Living Cells with Fluorogenic RNAs
Student Speaker – Ru Zheng (You Lab)

Chalk Talk Oct 7, 2020 – Jeanne Hardy and Amanda Woerman Labs

Studying allosteric sites on caspase-6 to aid the development of substrate-specific inhibitors
Student Speaker: Irina Sagarbarria and Andrew J. Smith (Hardy Lab)

Investigating alpha-synuclein aggregation using novel models of strain competition
Student Speaker: Sarah Holec (Woerman Lab)

Chalk Talk Sept 9, 2020 – Jennifer Rauch and Jianhan Chen Labs

Physical Origins of DnaK-substrate binding revealed through Physics-based modeling
Erik Nordquist (J. Chen Lab)

Targeting Tau “The spread and aggregation of the protein tau has been linked to a variety of neurodegenerative diseases, known as tauopathies. Mounting evidence suggests that the spread of tau aggregates may underlie disease phenotype, however the mechanism for this toxicity is still unknown. The Rauch lab uses a variety of cell biology, biochemical, and in vivo techniques to characterize consequences of tau propagation in the central nervous system and to define/target the molecular requirements for tau spread. As the newest faculty to the BMB department, Jenny will give a brief overview of exciting projects that will be starting in her lab this upcoming January.”
Rauch Lab, new incoming BMB Assistant Professor beginning in January 2021.

Chalk Talk Apr 15, 2020 – CBI Trainees!

Great talks and discussions with 78 attending this first-ever Zoom Chalk Talk!

Andrew Smith (Hardy lab) “Studying protein interactions to identify caspase exosites”

Nathan Canniff (Hebert lab) “Characterization of Putative ER Adaptors/Co-Chaperones TTC13 and TTC17”

Heather Bisbee (Strieter lab) “The Proteasomal Deubiquitinase UCH37 Promotes Degradation In Cellulo”

Katie Wahlbeck (Thompson lab) “Investigation of CheA Protein Dynamics with Solid State NMR”

Chalk Talk Mar 11, 2020 – Jessica Schiffman and Sarah Perry Labs

Sarthak Saha (Perry Lab) “Protein Crystallography using X-ray compatible Microfluidic Devices”

Mengfei Huang (Schiffman Lab)“High-Performance Coatings Featuring Methylene Malonate Derivatives”