How can I become a CBI student?

Easy! To join the CBI program, you must be a UMass graduate student, typically in one of our CBI-affiliated graduate programs (ChemMCB, Chem EngPSE, or Micro). Then, all you need to do is complete and submit the application at any time. 

What are the benefits of joining the CBI program?

Numerous! The CBI community provides an arena for the exchange of new and exciting ideas, and opportunities to network and establish contacts that can result in more rewarding careers. Student testimonials and our many alumni attest to the benefits of our CBI program.

In addition, CBI provides traineeships for about 9-11 program members each year. All CBI program members are encouraged to apply for travel grants

How hard is it? My home department already has so many requirements!

We have developed the curriculum to fit within your home departments’ programs, so you can complete the CBI requirements without adding too much more to your schedule. The only additional classes you would need to take for CBI are Chalk Talks, Drug Design, Student Seminar, Ethics, and your cross-training elective. If this sounds overwhelming, keep in mind that most of these classes are generally informal gatherings designed to start a dialogue and share ideas across the chemistry-biology interface.

I am already a CBI program member–am I on track with the coursework? 

You can refer to the curriculum guide to determine if you are on-point with the requirements. 

I am already a CBI program member–how do I become a trainee?

Trainee selection criteria include progress in the PhD program (grades and research productivity), and in the CBI Program (requirements satisfied, event participation). Past performance, such as undergraduate GPA, is also taken into account. CBI students must be nominated by CBI Training Faculty in spring of their first or second year of graduate study to be considered for traineeships that typically begin in September. 

I am already a CBI program member–how do I get a travel grant?

Applications for travel grants are considered periodically and can be submitted at any time. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us